Hi Michael, interesting indeed. Later on a more detailed comment. Where are you located?… Ah, I just read TFIE is located in Vancouver. I find Canada an intriguing country for a number of reasons, primarily because of its ambivalence towards greening transportation - on one hand its car industry’s almost total dependence on non-innovative Detroit, its tar sands and investment in the Keystone pipeline, and Canada’s long distances which make deploying electric cars not exactly super appealing; on the other hand politicians (Ontario and Alberta in particular) expressing the need to green the economy, industry and transportation. Canada did subscribe to the Paris Climate Accord. And Canada has some interesting businesses. There is the industrial amalgam Bombardier, that could do way better IMO. Austrian/Canadian Magna has been trying in vain to become less dependent on OEMs (it’s now mainly a subcontractor). And aren’t the people behind the Blackberry behind autonomous technology ventures?

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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