Hm, personally I wish Musk would have gone into cheaper EVs by now. Particularly since other car makers are catching up rapidly. I expected more from BMW because it is also a motorcycle manufacturer, so it ought to have a wider grasp of what personal mobility should be about. What will it be about? Zero emissions of course, a certain amount of autonomy, but also on-demand, alternative user models (not only owner-based), synchronizing with other modes of transportation (public), deal with gridlock, overall efficiency. Differs of course per country, region or city. What better than to bring the equivalent of what disrupted the personal communication industry (the smartphone), a Smart-Mobility device. The sleeker/less weight the vehicle, the better it is, in particular when using battery drive, and the easier it is to have it operate autonomously. With 90 million new cars sold worldwide, you only need to commit 1 out of 1000 prospects to start the ball rolling. Doable, don’t you think? Think of early adopters, urbanites, singles, couples, ‘greenies’. We no longer use bulky desktop computers and brick-like mobile phones. Why should it be different for personal mobility?

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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