MUCH MORE can be done, should be done. Don’t forget that vested interests against taking action to curb Climate Change are by definition more accepted and better networked (Koch brothers etc.). They don’t have to prove anything, only stir doubt in people’s mind. It’s status quo reasoning versus messaging an uncertain future.

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Sad to say, I did notice that environmental and climate movements and institutes (and I have visited a lot of them websites) primarily seem to want to communicate that it’s their mission (‘business’ — since they already employ thousands) to warn, set targets, and “don’t call us, donate now”, etc. That is a very-very unproductive attitude. They don’t open up to ideas from outsiders, and keep their networks to themselves. IMO, goals like the ones in the Paris Climate Accord need to be followed up by concrete plans. Not just more talk. Failing to do so, and they run the risk that people and politicians lose interest in the whole subject of Climate Change.

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What can and should be emphasized in order not to scare people away, is explain the unmistakable relationship between burning fossil fuels (for heating, mobility, etc. purposes) and emissions. Focus on burning less fossil fuels, and people will not only save money (as those fuels cost money), but also emit less and save the planet in the process. Don’t act now, and it will cost us way more. To give readers here an example how elementary choices can be with regard to the type of cars they drive, the energy that is being used and the greenhouse gasses that are being emitted, go to:

Man creates car — Car mobilizes man

Car suffocates man — Man REcreates car

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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