Read your piece. Good article. I concur. Car ownership is irrational and very persistent. Attitudes will differ per city. People here in Amsterdam are happy to say goodbye to the personal car. Public transport is great. Uber abundant.

Your next critical article ought to be about UBER (BMW is just another auto maker). Uber had the ambition and arrogance to disrupt the car industry’s business model based on selling hardware to owner-users, and replace it with on-demand transit services via independent contractors. There’s flack coming from all directions: the legal struggle contractors or employees (London already decided), in many markets new contenders have risen to the occasion, self-driving did not pan out, neither did its flying taxis. The ‘narrative’ now is to do something in scooters and bicycles… Good grief. How are investors to make good on their investments? This all is even before its upcoming IPO… Put too many single-minded techies together (that’s what’s happening with Uber, Waymo and Apple), and they will ignore reality and try to make a new one to fit its image, and wishful thinking becomes wishful engineering.

IMO, that leaves a HUGE window of opportunity for entrepreneurs between the ‘old’ car industry and tech funds. ‘Car ownership’ doesn’t have to be the defining factor in Next-Gen, zero-emission, possibly even autonomous car travel. Better cater to both groups, owners as well as ride-service customers. Transport mode/type of vehicle becomes central to the issue, like it should have been from the onset. Only people with a feel for logistics know. Literally everything and everyone that needs displacing from A to B is first and foremost a logistics issue. There’s where Silicon Valley went astray.

* Chart passenger occupancy (autonomous) taxi/uber trip

Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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