Seemingly minor events like Gove keeping Johnson from becoming PM in 2016 have a huge ripple effect. What if Johnson could have taken over from Cameron in 2016, then he would have entered the negotiations with the EU himself and found out that the margins are very slim for the one who asks and demands. By the postponement of his primeministership and ruling out the deal May established, he actually cornered himself even more. So, that leaves the question whether there’s life for the UK after a No-Deal Brexit as Johnson projects… To give one example, whichever trade deal Trump and Johnson will be closing, American OEMs and investors that want to do business in the much larger EU economic and consumer market, will still want to avoid the regulations and tariffs a Brexit will bring with it. Too bad that the Brits did not leave any opening to team up with countries like the Netherlands, that are also critical of the Brussels vortex and rather see an extended economic union (what the EEC initially was) than a United States of Europe. It’s only human that the Brits prefer to face “whatever may be” even if less considerate choices were made. In that sense the BoJo phenomenon needs to run its course. My prediction is that his government will not make it to the summer of 2020.

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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