The difficult thing about Brexit is that everybody -pro and against- is right… and wrong, but all of them lose. Particularly the British media (tabloids) made a habit to badmouth the EU. It became the proverbial punching ball - blame it all on the EU. Then again, every refugee who travels through Europe, wants to start a new future in the UK. Which should have made the EU more emphatic when PM David Cameron tried to negotiate a new deal regarding immigration. Some say the UK already had an extra special position, since it managed to stay exempt from a lot of EU policies, like no Schengen Accord, no euro, no obligation toward the ECB.

With May gone, the country crashing out of the EU is closer than ever before, which will hurt the economy. Yup, EU countries will hurt too since Brits are a huge net importer, particularly of German cars, but… EU member states will have a field day luring industries away from the UK!!! If foreign companies and investors want to do business in the EU, they can save themselves a lot of hassle and tariffs by not setting up shop in the UK, regardless of the ‘smart trade deals’ Boris Johnson says he will be able to close with the rest of the world. And there’s the risk of disintegration. Irish and Scots will suddenly realize that they will be more vulnerable, more exposed outside the EU.

The irony of near Biblical proportions is that there would not have been an EU without the Brits having played an important role in the liberation of Europe, and who left us the language which is used perhaps 95 percent of the time in Brussels…

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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