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They both aren’t. It shouldn’t be a question of who pitches best. Because the most charismatic ‘salesperson’ will always win. True robotics and AI experts must be shaking their heads by so much wishful thinking and expressed opinions regarding what only seems within reach… Look, billions of brain cells multiplied by tens of thousands of synapses in each individual brain makes for more (instant) connections than there are stars in 20–40 thousand galaxies. Housed in a roundish ‘cockpit’ that swivels, equipped with two amazingly effective optic and ditto hearing sensors, they enable us to instantaneously reference what we see and hear. Hard to beat those, if ever. Such great system we have for driving, making people pass a competence test before allowing them to steer a car, so that most issues are covered when something does happen. I have to admit, ‘self-driving’ (interesting word in this respect) brings about interesting, existentialist questions…

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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