Yesterday I watched an older TopGear episode, and noticed Jeremy Clarkson reading a newspaper that featured the mega-title “Germany out to destroy British Pound”. Over the past decades the EU has become the media’s popular scapegoat and punch ball for everything the Brits feel is wrong. That constant bombardment did it. The EU is by no means perfect, far from that, enough dislike here too, and by me personally, but to terminate EU membership is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Ever realized that the UK has way more leverage now than it will ever have in any new relationship with the EU, whilst enjoying maximum play? The UK does not participate in the euro, is not obliged to take part in the ECB’s costly monetary operations, did not agree to the Schengen Accord.

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Identify how high-tech bypasses common sense to sell us a solution that frequently misses the point | country: Netherlands

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